The Complete Online Information Resource For Exporters & Their Consultants.

The Exporters Almanac consists of 6 main sections:

1. Country Profiles

For most (232) countries & territories we provide 4 profiles:

General Profile

As the name suggests, general information about the country.

Economic Profile

This gives an overall economic profile for the country - and then provides links to detailed economic information.

Trade Profile

Gives you a “feel” for the overall, macro-economic trade profile of the country - - and then provides links to detailed trade information.

Commercial Profile

Lists, by category, of resources that may be of help to you in exporting to the relevant country.

For the remaining 18 ISO Countries and Territories we provide a single:

Base Profile

These countries and territories are so small (or uninhabited) that extensive information is simply not available or does not exist. In the Base Profile, we therefore provide what information is available.

2. Industry Profiles

We have created Industry Profiles to facilitate partner and opportunity searches by activity rather than by country.

For each of these Industry profiles we provide:

(i) Business Networks & Online Markets (ii) International Trade Associations (iii) Industry Directories (iv) Industry News (v) International Trade Events (vi) NACE & SIC Code

3. eCommerce

In the eCommerce section, we list and set out resources for you to:

  • Assess and monitor the effectiveness of your web site
  • Understand the various issues that need to be addressed when considering eCommerce
  • Review online sales channels that are open to you
  • Review the various online resources that are available to you

4. Market Search

In the Market Search section, you have the tools to analyse, develop and open new markets.

Access the Kompass Business Directory of over 35 million companies – with unlimited searches.

In addition in the British & Italian versions there are separate modules containing specific information relating to exporters from those countries.