TTS Partners & Sponsors - Together We Thrive

TradeTech Solutions Ltd. is proud to be working with a wide range of companies providing services to help SMEs deal with the opportunities, and threats, presented by developments in eCommerce.

Some of our partners are able to offer their services in a number of countries, others are more country specific - but they are all "best of breed".

If you are interested in the TTS Partner Program, please contact Andrew Foulds.

TTS Sponsors

Kompass (UK)

Kompass B2B data solutions will help you find your next customer, attract new business leads, connect with prospects and engage with your target audience.

PAB Languages

Fast, reliable, high-quality linguistic services.

International Partners

Avalara: Tackle tax compliance in 2023 - Join Avalara's 30,000+ customers across 95 countries.

CargoLedger: With CargoLedger you can digitally transform the supply chain using blockchain.

CyberSmart: Continuous cybersecurity. The simplest way to protect your business.

DarkTrace: World leaders in Autonomous Cyber AI.

Ebury: A financial services company, specialising in international cash management solutions
including cross-border payments, FX risk management and business lending.

First Report: Credit Reports from over 200 countries. A major feature of their service is their Monitor Alert service. This service provides not only a Credit Report but also an email service immediately advising you of any adverse change to a company's credit status.

IncoDocs: Export Documentation Made Easy. Streamline your workflows and reduce compliance risk, empowering you and your team to focus on growing your business.

The Reference Data Exchange Ltd: Our data management and processing consultants.

Italian Partners

Mirware: Providing fintech solutions to the financial community – TradeTech Solutions' representative in Italy and provider of the ProExporters Service.

Nubilaria: Data Management and Software Development on proprietary platform for the clinical and the banking sectors.

RefData: Our reference data consultants.

South African Partners

Six Digital: We automate processes and create efficiencies in businesses b y building bespoke web & mobile solutions. Integrating them with existing software systems & platforms across the globe. TradeTech Solutions' representative in Southern Africa.

UK Partners

FreightCover: FreightCover provides secure, instant and high quality cargo cover for goods owners and logistics providers that ship both domestically and globally, at incredibly competitive premiums.

Fund Finder: The free and easy way for you to research and find finance for your business.

Kudocs: Kudocs manages your company so you can run your business.

Lawbite: We use the latest on-line tools and advanced data science to streamline the client-lawyer experience. This means we can handle your legal case faster and also cheaper, 50% the cost of comparable legal advice on the high street.

QuoteZone: Quotezone’s quote comparison system is pretty clever! It takes the hassle out of filling in the same information time and again on numerous insurance websites then writing down the prices and comparing them hours later when you have visited all the sites you can find.

Simply-Docs: Provides an extensive portfolio of editable document and contract templates that will enable you to protect your business and keep up with your legal and compliance requirements.